Hola Mundo! Soy Selma , vengo de Narnia y soy una Unicornia Fabulous okno._. solo unicornia. Soy BELIEBER and DIRECTIONER, tambien me gusta Demi, Adele, entre otros xD. Me encanta la trilogia de Hunger Games ;). Quiero sacar a los Wachiturros del Mundo . Colaboras? Okei , algun dia sere famosa porque me casare con mi Idolo. Solo lo comparto con Unicornias :L Listo ya no hay inspiracion :( Adios Mundo!


"Algunos infinitos son mas grandes que otros infinitos"
-Bajo la misma estrella 

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Every one of us most do what’s in their power! If we’re going to die anyway, then it’s better to die fighting than to do nothing!
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Where are you? And im so sorry. I cannot sleep, i cannot dream tonight.

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Behold, Jabba as the cast of Bob’s Burgers. The resemblance is uncanny of course. What can I say, the cat can act!

Cameron Dallas Imagine for Anon


You clutch onto the straps of your backpack as you look down to the ground. You take each step with precaution as you climb up the rocks. You and the boys were hiking for the day, to get away from reality. You stay in the front with your boyfriend, Cameron as the other boys complain behind…

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