Hola Mundo! Soy Selma , vengo de Narnia y soy una Unicornia Fabulous okno._. solo unicornia. Soy BELIEBER and DIRECTIONER, tambien me gusta Demi, Adele, entre otros xD. Me encanta la trilogia de Hunger Games ;). Quiero sacar a los Wachiturros del Mundo . Colaboras? Okei , algun dia sere famosa porque me casare con mi Idolo. Solo lo comparto con Unicornias :L Listo ya no hay inspiracion :( Adios Mundo!



Okay, but do you guys realize that while Sasuke and Naruto have the incarnations of powerful people inside of them that gives them special powers,

Sakura doesn’t.

Sakura, who is keeping up with them and keeping them alive and keeping them going and refusing to let them break, is merely a 16 year old kunoichi who refused to fall behind.

Sakura Haruno, who doesn’t need special spirits and fate and destiny to be all that she can be.


Temari is the queen of the winds, the winds can be strong and scary as a hurricane, and can be mild and gentle as the summer breezes.

Sakura is the flower that survive the most terrible winters.

Hinata is the guardian angel, she’ll be always beside him, even though he did not see.

Domo-kun Cute